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We strive to empower people to forget about their limited abilities and live an unlimited life

Sustainability of your abilities

The sustainability of all technological and manufacturing processes is one of the core challenges of the modern world, and we do keep up with it. We stick to all world standards and trends in sustainable growth and care about the positive impact on society.

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Sustainability is a way, not a destination

Our sincere commitment to sustainability is primarily expressed via the positive social impact which our products make on the life of individuals and their families and the social value they can bring having their abilities back.And we do our best to meet the growing expectations and information needs. Our users, customers, and R&D program participants consider sustainability factors when deciding to join or deal with us. So, we respond to the increasing significance of sustainability and enhance the visibility of environmental, social, and governance aspects of the company activities, both internally and externally.

Our leadership

Dan Schouten

VP of Engineering

Emily Harrell

VP of Marketing

Derek Ferguson

SVP — Product & Engineering

Lizz Johnson

VP Customer Success

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Florian Schouten

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We works on prosthetics that meet the needs and desires of users, helping them regain their independence and quality of life.

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